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Cucumber for Home Skin Care

Cucumber is known to do wonders when it comes to skin care. This ingredient on your healthy salad can be a topical agent that can fight the signs of aging. However, if you include this vegetable on your diet, this may be equally effective in stopping your aging clock.

This is used as an ingredient to many beauty products. If you get the benefits of cucumber from commercially prepared skin care solutions, why not get it from the fresh source instead?

Here are amazing facts you must know about cucumber:

  • The Nutrient in Cucumber

This vegetable belongs in the same family with squash and has the scientific name, “Cucumis sativus”. Its flesh is mostly made up of water; however, it is also rich in Vitamin C or ascorbic acid. This nutrient is known to help collagen production in the body. This is a protein compound that serves as a framework to your skin.

  • Rich Source of Silica

Cucumber is also rich in silica. This is a vital component of your connective tissues. The extract from this vegetable is rich in this compound that helps in improving your complexion, hydrates the skin and improves its health. Also, cucumber helps the body maintain its alkaline state.

  • Facial Cleanser

It is a good natural cleanser. This can be used when washing your face by mixing a tablespoon of its juice with milk (half cup). Now you have an organic cleanser that can tone and rejuvenate your skin. This mixture can stay up to one day if stored inside the fridge.

  • Skin Lightening

Cucumber juice may lighten your skin and pigmentation such as freckles as well. Some of you may find freckles pretty though and they really do when they don’t cover your whole face. For sweaty face, you can use cucumber slice to control the sweatiness and the oiliness of your skin.

  • Cucumber Slices for Puffiness

This one is popular. Use cucumber slice to minimize the puffiness under your eyes. Put slices of this vegie to the eyes touching the eye bags. Let them stay for ten to 15 minutes. This may be an old practice but it still works for many. So you must not wonder why your mom stays on your couch with two round slices of cucumber on her eyes.

  • Skin Softener

Mix one tablespoon of the cucumber extract with almond butter. Spread it generously to your face. Let it stay for fifteen minutes then rinse with cold or lukewarm water. This simple practice may leave you with softer skin and prevent skin blemishes such as darkened areas on your face.

  • Cucumber for Wrinkles

Place cucumber in the freezer and thaw it when you are to use it. Slice this veggie finely and apply it to the wrinkles on your face. You can also make a mask by adding sour-cream (1 teaspoon) to equal amount of shredded cucumber. Add egg yolk to complete the mixture. Now you have a natural facial mask that can help you fight the aging process by caring for the skin. Indeed, this vegetable that you love to eat with your salad can be a great source of skin care benefits.

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